NAME OF PROJECT: Atlas of Green Hydrogen Generation Potentials in Africa (H2ATLAS-AFRICA)
PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR:Prof. Zachary Getenga  PARTNER: Forschungszentrum Jülich
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER:German Ministry of Education and Research AMOUNT:€130,730
NAME OF PROJECT: Enhanced Selective Immobilization Of Sulfonamides, Tetracyclines, And Fluoroquinolones in Animal Manure Onto Sugarcane Bagasse And Water Hyacinth-Derived Hydrochars PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Prof. Zachary Getenga  PARTNERS:Prof. Dr. Sören Thiele-Bruhn-University of Trier
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER:Alexander von Humboldt Foundation AMOUNT:€55,000
NAME OF PROJECT:YEMAYA – Woman in Science: Water and Mining for young African scientists from five universities in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.
PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Veronica Okello PARTNERS: Freiberg Technical University of Mining and Technology (TUBAF); the University of Environment and Sustainable Development, Somanya, Ghana; University of Mining and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana; Taita Taveta University, Kenya; University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria.
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER:Erasmus+ Programme AMOUNT: 85,084
NAME OF PROJECT: SARS CoV-2 presence in wild/animal species, antibody cross reactivity and their binding affinities.
PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Ir. Tindih Heshborne PATNERS: Dr. George Omondi-Institute of Primate Research, Dr. John Nyabega-KU STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER: International Centre on Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) AMOUNT: €15,000
NAME OF PROJECT: Surfactant Modified Nano-porous filter Memberane for Remediation of Perchlorates and Fluorides in Water PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Veronica Okello
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER: Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) AMOUNT:$49,260
NAME OF PROJECT: Development of environmentally benign carbon based materials for remediation of Oil Spillage in Water CO-INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Veronica Okello PARTNER: Prof. Jean-Luc Ayitou-University of Illnois, Chicago
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER: John Nuveen Fund Grant for International Research collaboration AMOUNT:$7,000
NAME OF PROJECT: Towards real-time in-situ determination of polychlorinated biphenyls using molecularly imprinted polymers-based sensors  PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Elizabeth Ndunda
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER: The Royal Society AMOUNT:£251,000
NAME OF PROJECT: Effect of Simulated Rainfall and Natural Weather on Chromated Copper Arsenate Treated Wood and Environmental Remediation: A Focus on Wood Treatment Plants in Kenya PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Veronica Okello 
PARTNERS:  Dr. Elizabeth Ndunda; Dr. Cornelius Okello; Dr. Isaiah Bosire Omosa; Mr. James Ngure 
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER: Machakos University AMOUNT: KES 692,960
NAME OF PROJECT: Towards a secure and resilient virtual platform for STEM Programmes in University Teaching
PARTNERS:Dr. Veronica Okello, Dr. Elizabeth Ndunda, Prof. Peter Kibet & Mr. Duncan Mulinge 
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER: Machakos University AMOUNT: KES 654,000
NAME OF PROJECT: SARS CoV-2 antibody binding affinities and Kinetics in human infections as a precursor to determining the disease outcome PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Ir. Tindih Heshborne
PARTNERS: Dr. Euna Nyarige, Dr. Charllote Pole, Dr. George Omondi  
STATUS: Ongoing
FUNDER: Machakos University AMOUNT: KES 580,000
NAME OF PROJECT: Climate Smart water harvesting & conservation technologies for improved food security in selected parts of kitui county
CO- INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Patricia Muendo 
PARTNERS: Dr. Charles Ndungu, SEKU, Dr. Monica Mucheru, KU
STATUS: Completed
NAME OF PROJECT: Development of alternative sustainable fish feeds to promote human health using novel non-conventional indigenous ingredients (SNIPH)
CO- INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Patricia Muendo 
PARTNERS: Dr. Douglus Tocher- University of Stirling,Scotland, Dr. Nazael Madalla –Sokoine University, Dr. Rina Chakarabati–University of Delhi, Prof. Padkumar –Kerala university, Prof. Ramaballav – Goa University
STATUS: Completed
FUNDER: British Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC) – Newton Fund AMOUNT: £251,823.09
NAME OF PROJECT: Evaluating Costs and Benefits of prophylactic Health Products and Novel Alternatives on Small Holder Aquaculture Farmers in Asia and Africa (IMAQLATE) CO-INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Patricia Muendo 
PARTNERS:  Dr. Fransis Murray – University of Stirling; Dr. Rahaman Meezanur –World fish center; Dr. Belal Hussein – Banglandesh agricultural University; Dr. Toms – CIFT; Prof. Bright Sigh – Cochin University
STATUS: Completed
FUNDER: British Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC) – Newton Fund AMOUNT: KES 13 M
NAME OF PROJECT: Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers For Water and Soil Pollution Detection and Purification  CO-INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Elizabeth Ndunda PARTNERS: Prof. Subrayal Reddy -University of Central Lancashire STATUS: Completed
FUNDER: The Royal Society AMOUNT:£6,000
NAME OF PROJECT: Assessment for Developing Capacity for Improved Aquatic Resource Development in Africa CO-INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Patricia Muendo 
PARTNERS:   Alexandra Pounds & William Leschen – University of Stirling; Dr. Ruby Asmah – Water Resources Institute, Ghana; David Bargh & Precious Sanjama-Imani Development,Malawi
STATUS: Completed
FUNDER: Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) £40,000