Welcome to the School of Pure and Applied Sciences. The School aims at producing professional scientists for careers in industry, teaching and research. The School focuses on imparting knowledge in the areas of Biological, Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Our programmes are designed to ensure that graduates are equipped with practical and intellectual skills relevant to the needs of the society.

We take pride in our well equipped laboratories and highly competent technical staff. In the Month of July, 2017 the school received laboratory equipment from Seeding Labs’ Instrumental Access Programme. This complemented what the school already has and thereby providing a seamless platform for teaching and research in biological and Physical Sciences.

Our School has currently 23 members with qualifications in different areas of expertise and consists of three departments: –
1. Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2. Department of Physical Sciences
3. Department of Biological Sciences

We are working on developing quite a number of programmes in each of the departments to meet the high demand of science based graduates.

The Dean’s Office will be glad to assist you in any way we can, and would be delighted to have you among us.